Note to Freedom Caucus: Something is better than nothing.

Note to Freedom Caucus: Something is better than nothing.  That logic is, imo, irresistible.  To think that ObamaCare is better than the reform bill is simply not defensible.  

If the GOP did nothing but  take down the individual mandate,  that would make this bill infinitly better   . . . .  and the mandate is gone.  It is gone within the bill,  but more than that,  the mandate has been gone for two months,  now.  That happened with a Presidential Order to the IRS to no longer enforce the mandate,  ask for proof of ObamaCare membership,  or collect penalties.  

This is the genius of Trump.  The ObamaCare bill will collapse of its own weight,  if for no other reason than the fact that Trump has [already] taken away the mandate.  No mandate,  no penalties,  no forced membership,  no pathway to longevity.   

Here is the more important fact:  No tax bill,  no jobs bill,  no future for the GOP.  Healthcare reform is not at the top of the list.  Trust me. 

Update:  This blog recommends that the GOP pass the current reform bill and amend it later  . . . .  before the  2018 midterms.   The Freedom Caucus argues that the GOP does not lower costs.  News Flash:  While Caucus reps were promising a a zero sum game for healthcare,  that, OF COURSE, was never a possibility.  Maybe we can tie cost to inflation,  but there will be an increasing cost factor.  That is reality.