News Flash to all you Trump haters: Trump is working for your futures, also.

WASHINGTON – Navy officials are looking into how to boost industrial capacity to build more ships as the service looks to increase its fleet from 274 ships to 355 over the next 30 years.

“There’s efforts ongoing right now to see what we can do to ramp up in the industrial base where we can and start moving quickly to that 355 number for platforms that we know we’re going to need,” said Rear Adm. Jesse Wilson, Jr., director of the Navy’s Assessment Division at a recent congressional hearing on what the future Navy should look like.
The Navy released plans in December to grow the fleet to 355, and President Trump has called for a 350-fleet Navy, but executing the plan requires overcoming the challenge to the shipbuilding industry’s capacity to handle the additional growth.

Notes:  Think about this:  If Trump gets his 355 ship fleet,  all supplied and built by Union labor,  its gives the GOP a political presence within those unions for the next 30 years.  Let the next incoming Democrat,  military hating, Administration cancels these contracts and watch what happens to the Dems in their next election.  Trump is buying a future for the GOP.  Will McCain and other Trump haters wake up to what he is doing.  

He saved the Senate in the near future,  and,  now,  he is securing the GOP's future in the long term.  

Brilliant  !!!!!