More fake news from the Times regarding the Russians.

New York Times: Trump Adviser Had Twitter Contact With Figure Tied to Russians

Trump is on record saying, "I want to pursue a better relationship with Russia.  If it happens,  it happen,  if not then we move on."  

Contrast and compare this with the Obama Administration,  gifting 20% of our uranium reserves to Russia (thank you very much,  Hillary).  Of course we have the amateurish Russian Reset with that push button toy as a gift to Russian dignitaries,  Obama's refusal to effectively counter the Russian takeover of Crimea,  his cancellation of the missile defense  system for Poland and the New Czech Republic because of pressure from Putin,  and him promising Putin that he (Obama) would be more flexible after the 2012 elections.  

From all this,  we know for a certainty that the Dems are much more in bed with Russia than Trump ever dreamed of being.  

Oh,  I almost forgot.  That Trump adviser in the above headline?  That was a fellow named Stone,  and he has not been with the Trump campaign for nearly two stinking years.