I am thinking a dictator is someone who rules a people against their will. Politico and the Left think a dictator is someone who spends money lavishly. Tyrannical rule is not a necessary factor, apparently..

This is not fake news.  It is silly/stupid news and these people are our nation's intellectual class ??? 

Seven Rules that prove Trump to be a dictator.

The first: Go big. Dictators’ building projects are almost always ludicrously overscaled.

The second rule of the dictator look is all about “repro.” Dictators might work in the grand styles of earlier centuries, but they don’t usually use old materials and furniture. Everything is brand spanking new   

the third rule: Think French.   Sometimes dictators pull from other places and eras—Roman, Palladian/classical and more—but French can always be counted on to say “money” faster and louder

Dictators often seem to draw from hotels (rule No. 4), perhaps the grandest ones they saw at a young age. Hotels often put all their status cues up front in reception areas and big public rooms, offering obvious ideas to would-be dictators who came from modest backgrounds as rebels or soldiers.

Then, there are the materials—rules 5, 6 and 7. “If I’ve only got one life,” most dictators seem to think, “let me live it surrounded by gold.”

Notes:  These 7 points come from an article written for Politico, here.