Melania Trump's popularity is on the rise but that's not whole story.

Melania Trump's popularity is on the rise.  Last month,  January,  her popularity was 36%.  Four weeks later,  the February survey had her popularity set at 52% and increasing.  This represents a 16 point increase.  

Add to this,  the fact that the Democrat's retail boycott (Nordstroms, TJ Maxx and Marshals) against the Trump family,  is not working.  

Since the Nordstroms' boycott began,  Ivanka's clothing/jewelry line has increased its sales by more than 300%.   

And,  horror of horrors,  even Donald's popularity is inching up,  with more and more polls showing an increase in his popularity.  Remember that magnificent joint session speech,  more than a week ago?  Well,  78% of the folks approved of that speech.  

Slowly but surely,  the attack on the President is losing steam.   I mean,  think of all the parties,  wild sex and stoner events,  the Democrat street crowd are missing.  Soon enough,  they have to get stoned and party hardy.  Its going to happen   . . . . . . .    dude.