I just bought a trailer, getting a boat, and preparing for life without a political party. Here's why:

Senator's Murkowshi (R-Alaska),  Collins (R-Main), may hold the future of the GOP and the Supreme Court.  It appears that neither Senator is willing to forego the filibuster rule.  A decision to continue the filibuster rule would kill all hope of changing the balance of power within the Court.  Nothing is certain, in this regard,  but early signs indicate their opposition,  a decision that would put the Democrats in charge of the future of the High Court. 

Add in the Freedom Caucus,  replete with it's "my way or the highway" legislative positioning,  and you have a GOP that is paralyzed and facing total extinction.   Understand that Middle America and the Rust Belt states, gave us the Trump Movement,  not the Freedom Caucus,  popular opinions aside. Trump changed all that,  and, with his victory,  moved the party away from a hardcore conservative ideology.

Time will tell, but, without more help from the non-traditional Trump wing of the party,  the warring factions of the GOP could spell the end of hope for a return to true patriotism.   The only unknown as to a conservative national future,  is Donald Trump.  It is entirely possible that the man can work through or around the Intractables (named above).  If he can't,  the commies and the Ideologues win,  and,  then we die. 

So we take a wait and see stance.  Just know that this blog is not and has never been an ideological publication.  Conservative?  Yes.  Patriotic?  Hell yes.   Republican?  No.  Democrat? Never again.  

But I just bought a trailer,  getting a boat,  and preparing for life without a political party.