I hate to renew the birth certificate controversy, but Malik Obama believes his brother was born in Kenya and has a birth certificate to "prove" it.

 Update:  Apparently,  there are problems with this report.  So this is going nowhere.  But I continue to believe that Barack's presidency was the greatest scam pulled on a nation in history. 

Sorry,  but this is the largest version I could find.  You can hold down "Ctrl" as you strike the   (+ =) repeatedly to enlarge.   At any rate,  this is a birth certificate for Barack Obama produced by his half brother,  Malik Obama.  He tweeted this onto the web sometime on Thursday.  It is out   there on the Internet, retweeted thousands of times as I post. 

Malik is a supporter of Donald Trump and is on record with this birth certificate,  "Now that Obama's term is over."  Say what you will.  I know that the question of his birth place was raised in 2008,  if not before.  It only took Barack 3 more years (2011) to produce his version of the Hawaiian birth certificate   . . . . .    three freaking years.   Let's see if this goes anywhere. 

This "certificate" can be found in a number of places.  The Daily Mail is one of those sites.   Also,  we have Malik's twitter page, here.