I had previously reported the "end of the Paris climate agreement." I was wrong . . kinda. . .

The Hill corrects a previous report:  

Trump on Tuesday signed an executive order undoing most of the major climate work Barack Obama pursued as president. 

The order didn’t touch the Paris agreement, an international pact on greenhouse gas emissions that Obama pursued aggressively during his second term. But it begins the process of ending the electricity-sector pollution regulation Obama said would help fulfill U.S. commitments, a decision that underlines Trump’s dismissal of the agreement. 

There is internal debate in the Trump administration about the importance of staying in the Paris deal. But Tuesday’s order — and other measures Trump has advanced during his presidency — indicates he’s ready to leave it behind, formally or not.

 I reported that the Paris agreement was not a treatise;  those drafting the agreement call it a "pledge," never a "treatise."   And, in fact,  Obama circumvented Congress in "ratifying" the agreement.  While this is true,  Trump's  Executive Order does not cancel out the pledge-proper, as I had previously reported.    The President only signaled his intentions regarding the agreement,  but his decision to vacate that agreement will take another Executive Order.
NY Times:  Over all, the goal of the Paris deal is to keep the planet from warming more than 3.6 degrees, the point at which scientists say the earth will be irrevocably locked into a future of severe droughts, floods, rising sea levels and food shortages.

Understand that the rise in temp, or the prevention thereof,  is measured over a period of 100 years.  In other words,  we will not know if this "scientific" prediction will actually become a reality for decades into the future.  "They" have been wrong on all other specific predictions, why should we believe this one?

More than this, what if global warming is what happens before global freezing?  I mean, that is the historic pattern, over the ages and million of years before mankind.    Given enough time,  maybe hundreds of years,  not thousands or millions,   Canada and most of the northern United States will be under Arctic type ice.  Now,  THAT'S a scientific fact,  and it is a certainty.  We can't stop that from happening.  Mankind is on this Earth for a season,  and,  then we die (unless we all gather at the Equator?).