I get comments such as this every day. They talk as if I do not know what is going on. Good grief the lies.

from "comments" from anonymous  (I mean,  who else.  They are all cowards when it comes to talking trash and making up crap).

1. By this point in his Presidency, Barack Obama had passed a $831 billion stimulus bill. By early April his first federal budget had passed both chambers of Congress, laying the groundwork for his overhauls of health care and government spending on education. The following year came the re-set of Wall Street, known as Dodd-Frank. Then Obamacare. It was the most significant period of legislating since Lyndon Johnson’s first few years in office."

Editor's notes:  the 831 billion dollar stimulus was closer to 1 trillion dollars,  counting interest,  all of money covered by the taxpayer and none of it "stimulated" the economy.  Obama promised this stimulus would give us no more than 8% unemployment by the summer of 2009.  Instead,, we reached 10%.  And there was no budget passed by April,  unless Anonymous is talking about April of 2015.  The Dems did not and do not believe in budgets,  if the Obama years are any indication   . . . .   a flat out and outrageous lie.  Obama himself,  never wrote a budget proposal that received more than 2 votes in Congress,  btw. In Trump's first 50 days,  he raised more than 400,000 million dollars in outside money  (none from the taxpayer) and created or saved well over 300,000 jobs.

As far as Dodd/Frank is concerned:  For the first time in our history,  more businesses disppeared than were created,  all because of the strict rules and regulations.  Wall Street Journal calls Dadd/Frank a failure.  The bill is in the process of being rewritten.

ObamaCare?  It was to have 24 million signed up by this time.  It has 12 million and is expect to drop to 10 next year. And 18 of the 24 Federal exchanges have gone broke.  The President of Aetna is on record describing the bill as a complete failure.