A published comment on Politico.

Trump published a 140 page tax report summary during the primary season, all that is required by law. Dems want all his tax records dating back to the early 1970''s What a pile of. Clearly they are fishing and Trump should completely ignore these clowns. Before the Maddow fake alarm news cast, Hillary was saying that he was not as rich as people say, that he had not paid any income tax in the 20 years following 1993, the last time we had any of his tax forms. After the Maddow fake alarm show, turns out none of that was true. One thing is "for certain," the 63 million of us who voted for Trump will think twice about accepting the presidency of another Democrat. Take it to the bank. We "nationalists" were here first, beginning with George Washington and ending with GW Bush. ALL those presidents (1 -43) accepted the fact of American Exceptionalism, the honor of the flag, the sovereignty of our border/state, and the fact that the U.S. was the leader of the free world.