Here is the good - things are getting back to normal. Seriously and after 8 years with Duffus..

After WW II and just before Barack Hussein,  "normal was aggravating,  but we did not worry that much about our borders;  Sanctuary cities were virtually non-existent;  no one even dreamed that the air we breath would be considered a poisonous gas that needed to be regulated;  that grown men would pretend to change their sex  (it really can't be done,  you know);  Great Britain was our closed European ally and France pretty much hated us  (anyone remember Charles de Gaulle?  Race was becoming an issue of the past.  And running the federal government without a budget (the Obama Administration never passed a budget) or working outside Congress were strategies never before imagined.  

More than eight years ago,  mid-summer of 2008,  I began publishing Midknight Review.  Some Left wing commie punk plagiarized my blog name and pretended to be Republican using my blog's M.O.     And Google shut the blog down,  at the end of 2009.  I was down four days,  lost my readership and close to 2,000 articles   . . . . .   gone forever.  Began publishing again,  from scratch.  the day after Xmas and have not had another problem with Google,  since.   

Nearly 3 million pageviews and 14,000 articles later,  I am still standing,  but with one big difference:  Things politically speaking,  are getting back to normal (if any dare speak of Trump in those terms).  What I mean is this:  bills are being drafted,  sent to committees,  voted on in the House and Senate,  scored by the CBO.  Our flag is respected by those in High Office  (who would have thunk it) , and besides the childish rebellion of the Democrat Party,  there  just isn't that much to write about.  

I am happy to say that this blog is going part-time.  Unless the Dems actually shoot the President,  something many of those on the Left dream of doing,  the news is "regular" news,  the kind you can read about in the papers.  This blog is not a news site.  It is about political commentary and I will continue that function,  knowing that the demand will not be that great.  

I am proud of Midknight Review.  As small as it is,  it is still the largest ad-free political blog on the Net,  seriously.  

Just wanted you all to know that I will be talking to you from time to time   . . . .   short and sweet.  We got our country back for a time.  

I have business to take care of,  in L.A., over the next 5 days.  I will write about that which is timely.  It is a new day rising.  We have much for which to be thankful.