Hannity and Dobbs need to give it a rest. This is NOT an embarrassment at all. Rather, it IS the legislative process.

Dan Balz / Washington Post: A postponed health-care vote, a big GOP embarrassment and no good options ahead ......  So says the Wa/Post. 

Lets not forget that the GOP has been hard at it for 60 some odd days.  It took the Dims a year and two months to pass their health care/insurance reform bill and,  even then,  they had to give up on a 60 vote path to victory in the Senate in order to get it done   . . . . . . .  and what a stinking mess it has become. 

If you are a conservative,  you may be quick to point out that the GOP had eight years to get ready for this moment in history,  but that is besides my point.  Ready or not,  the Dims had nothing in hand when they began to work on their bill, and again,  it took them 14 to build a plan from scratch.  Ditto the GOP.

And,   who in the hell thought they were going to win the election, anyway?  Had Hillary won,  we were probably looking at 8 more years of ObamaCare,  and a transition away from that law would have been impossible   . . . . .   it nearly is now.  

So Hannity and Dobbs need to give it a rest.  This is NOT an embarrassment at all. Rather,  it IS the legislative process.   If they don't get the reform bill passed tomorrow,  Trump apparently wants to move to tax reform, and,  come back to health care in the summer.  

Obama Care will happen,  but Dobbs and Hannity and whoever else is screaming "The sky is falling,  the sky is falling" need to stop talking.  

I trust Trump and believe in his ability to succeed against the odds.  So lets just see how good and effective this man is.  I believe we are looking at our most effective President in modern times.  Could be wrong,  but I am willing to take a wait and see stance.   And you ?