Before we all get too excited about the replacement bill . . . . . .

Before we conservatives get too exercised,  we need to stop with our reactionary blather.  

Did you know that the reform bill is coming to us in three parts? 

Part #1  (today) was a 123 page repair bill (legislative bill) that can be passed into law through "reconciliation" and a 51 vote majority in the Senate. 

Part #2  This will be  changes to the ObamaCare rules and regulations,  some of which may take a 61 vote in the Senate.

Part #3  is a continuation of the repair bill (aka "The Fix"), and the  details that cannot be passed into law through "reconciliation"  (51 vote majority),  such as the end to the Cadillac tax and shopping across state lines.  These will be in the bill,  apparently,  but not until stage three is accomplished.    

No one distrusts the political process more than me.  You and I (we conservatives) are on the same page,  in this regard.  But the opposite to distrust is NOT a radical and never ending shrill against the "Establishment."  Taking a "wait and see" attitude is not a function of trust.  Rather,  it is an admission that the legislative process  (in this case) is simply not finished.  

Think about this:  Someone comes to you and screams that your home caught fire with members of your family inside.  Before they can tell you all is well,  that the fire is out, the home was not badly burned, and, the family is safe,  you start tearing your clothes, and,  pulling your hair as you run off,  never to be seen or heard of, again.  

"Wait and see"  would have been a blessing,  right after you were told that your home and family were in critical danger.  In the end,  this was not the case,  but you will never know because you ran off. 

You get the point,  correct?  Like I said,  trust and "wait and see" are not necessarily related,  but "wait and see" is definitely related to getting the job done correctly.