#165 Fake News Story of the Trump presidency:

WASH POST LEAD FRIDAY: Republicans not on board with Trump budget...

Notes:  The Dems did not have a budget process.  They don't believe in "budgets," they are so last century.  That's why they never passed a budget during the Obama years.  Besides,  the Editor President of the Harvard Law Review did not learn how to formulate a budget proposal. He waited three years,  then tried his hand at two of them (2012 and 2013);  one losing in the House 414 to zero and the other losing in the House 416 to two.  Genius. 

Of course Republicans are "not on board."  The (any)President's proposal is the beginning of the process.  They will all be on the same page,  when the legislative process has run its course.  So do not listen to the implied "division" embedded in the Wa/Post headline.  And the story is not worth reading,  either.