Remember all the criticism versus Trump about his demand that NATO pay its fair share?

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg:

(Feb 21, 2017)  "I fully support what has been underlined by President Trump and by Vice President Pence today, the importance of burden sharing.  I expect all allies to make good on the promise that we made in 2014 to increase defense spending [referring to a promise to fund NATO per 2% of each countries annual budget(s) ~ editor] and to make sure to have a fairer burden of sharing."

Editor's notes:   Funny how that works.  It is often as simple as asking.  So Trump made it clear that he was asking,  and NATO said "yes."  More than this,  the 28 nation body,  agreed,  specifically,  to do more in the battle against Islamic terrorism:   

"But we agree that the alliance can, and should do more, in the fight against terrorism."  

Trump took eight hours at the NATO conference, to do what Obama couldn't do in eight stinking years.  

Now you know. 

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