More fake news out of the NY Tiems:

New York Times: Mr. Trump's ‘Deportation Force’ Prepares an Assault on American Values

Editor's notes:  For starters,  Trump's "deportation force" is ICE and our border patrol agents.   This force is solely comprised of Federal employees hired to enforce the law.  

Clearly,  the NY Times believes that resisting the enforcement of federal law,  is an American value.  How sick.  

The impression being created by the global/commun-ist nation and its mouth piece,  the NY Tiems,  is one that suggests the Federal government is now in the business of driving through our neighborhoods,  kicking in doors,  and arresting innocent immigrants.  

You should know that the President is only concerned with folks who have been in the United States for less than two years  (a decades old standard) and/or guilty of the violation of our laws.  The 11 million of immigrants,  here illegally  but not criminal in any other way,  are all entitled to due process/legal representation,  and,  like it or not,  will be dealt with in a much slower but legal manner.  There is no legal alternative to this circumstance.  It is the law   . . . . . . .   as well.  

Law and order IS an American value.  The Times needs to be called out on this matter, and/or, summarily ignored.  What the Left does not "get" is the fact that their media empire is no longer needed.  "We" have our own media and it is every bit as large as the Corporate Media.  

In summary,  we are only telling the NY Times to go to hell.