How do you fight the Commun-ist Left? Answer . . . . .

How do you fight the Commun-ist Left?  Answer:  For starters,  we need to stop pretending that we have traditional minded patriots on both sides of the aisle.  

Those who are working for a borderless world are not mistaken-but-fair-minded patriots.  Far from it.  GW Bush had moved into their camp with his support of the abortion pill and Affordable Housing and his refusal to shut down sanctuary cities.  

Understand this:  the blight on our Constitution that is "sanctuary cities," grew to the point of being out of control under Bush,  not under our wannabee Muslim President.  Bush knew what he was doing and we conservatives were complaining throughout the Bush years  . . . . .  at least from 2006.  

No.  We are not all "patriots."  And it is time to say it out loud.  We cannot defeat the enemy,  if we refuse to identify the enemy.  

Secondly,  with Trump in office,  we need to support his agenda as much as possible,  vote his GOP opposition out of office in 2018 and beyond,  and practice patience.  

I fully expect the recent Federal court reversals to be over-turned.  Maybe not.  But there is nothing for us on-lookers to do,  but be patient.   

Some are quick to point out that the judge who blocked Trump on a national scale was a Bush 43 appointee,  like that makes it "OK."  In reality,  it just shows how progressive Bush was.  Let's not forget that Chief Justice Roberts was a Bush appointee,  as well.  Thanks GW for NOTHING.   

So, there you have it.  Support a one party conservative system, while pretending to prefer a two party system   . . . . .   you know,  like the Democrats do,   and,   be patient.  If God is on our side,  and the Trump election coming out of "nowhere" seems to be evidence for that notion,  then we win.  If not,  the the Godless commun-ists will enslave us all,  take our children from us,  redistribute our money,  and continue to support those regimes that torture and rape and murder  (Hail to the Muslim Brotherhood,  CAIR, the Castro Brothers,  the New Black Panthers,  Al Sharpton's cop killing followers). 

See you on the light side of the moon.