California and Colorado might join Oregon as "sanctuary states." Here is their problem.

California and Colorado might join Oregon as "sanctuary states."  Here is their problem.  If Trump is threatening to withdraw Federal funds for this violation of federal law,  why not treat each and every city in these states as in violation,  and cut all Federal funding to those states and all their associated municipalities?  

Anyone think Trump does not have the moxy to make such a move?   

Look,  Trump is teaching the GOP how to fish.  His vision for America is the vision of the masses.  During Obama's time in office,  all media emphasis was about his "popularity."  Virtually no attention was paid to the fact that most of his policies and "legislative methodology" (aka totalitarian rule)  were viewed with displeasure as reflected in the polls.  For example, ObamaCare never received a majority vote in any of the major opinion polls.  

I do not doubt that Trump,  when it comes time,  will make a move to penalize those states claiming to be "sanctuary states,"  and to do so as a city-by-city collective,  holding each city responsible for the state's decision.  Of course,  there are cities within every liberal state that respect law and order,  but, clearly,  Trump has room to bring immense pressure on those who refuse to respect our laws.  He may be the only conservative/populace leader with the strength of character to pull this country back from the brink.