Who does Hillary blame for her loss more than all the other possibilities? Obama !!!!

Mike Allen / Axios:
Team Hillary blames Obama more than Putin  —  The worst-kept secret inside Democratic circles is how bitter Hillary Clinton's team is at President Obama over her election loss.  We have heard from numerous, anguished people in Clinton-land blaming Obama — more than Putin, FBI Director James Comey or . . . .

Notes:  I agree with Hillary.  She desperately needed to separate herself from the resident Loser,  but he simply would not allow that to happen.  Understand that Obama can win an election,  but he can't win an election for anyone else.  The Left loves to talk about his popularity  --  aka,  the fact that they would prefer to drink beer with the man.  At the same time,  everyone else knows that his agenda was taking the nation "in the wrong direction" (70% of the electorate two weeks before the election  -  ABC News).  

Three months before the election,  Barack was asked about whether or not his Justice department was continuing to investigated Hillary.  He answered, "No,"  but,  followed that with, "Justice could reopen the investigation at anytime should new developments require."  In other words,  he was threatening Hillary should she decide to separate herself from his failed policies.  

He is a backstabbing classless fool which makes him exceedingly dangerous.  No wonder Hillary hates this man with a passion.