Trump's first move: He may have ended the tax penalty for those who do want ObamaCare coverage.

Ashley Parker / Washington Post: Trump signs executive order that could effectively gut Affordable Care Act's individual mandate

Notes:  The first group of citizens receiving relief from ObamaCare,  may be those who are paying a penalty tax for not wanting enrollment into this repressive health care reform.  

In other words,  the "individual mandate" may have seen its better days.  The executive order signed yesterday by President Trump,   would certainly open the doors for that eventuality.  

My concern here at this Review,  is that the majority party does not move so fast as to cause other problems and the dreaded "unintended consequence."  

Having said that,  it is clear that the GOP and Trump intend to keep their long held promises.  Obama lied his butt off and paid the price.  It is hoped that the GOP has learned that lesson.