Today, Mr. Subversive insured the doom of those seeking to be free from Cuban terror.

If there is a single event in the annuals of subversive American politics demonstrating the true nature of Barack's implicit pledge to abandon the founding principles of this country,   it is the intentional capitulation of Obama to the Castro brothers. 

Last year,  that regime made more than 10,000 arrests,  many for the sake of fighting for their freedom.  Obama made the deal,  demanding nothing in return,  and today,  he shut off the last hope for Cuban refugees when he brought to an end the wet foot dry foot policy of the United States.  

He secured the country (Cuban) for the tyrants and ended any possibility for escape.  

In the Middle East,  he refused to fight for the freedom of the Syrian civilian,  and 600,000 have lost their lives as a result.  

In Egypt,  he tried to install the subversive and terrorist Muslim Brotherhood,  but the military of Egypt decided to reject that effort and drove the Brotherhood out of town,  much to the displeasure of Barack.  He actually tried to make friends with Russian,  promising to be more flexible after the 2012 elections,  and ending the missile defense treatise we had with Poland and the Czech Republic.  

Obama has been nothing short of a serious trouble maker,  as subversive an authoritarian leader as we have ever had.  And the fact that so many see him as a hero,  alal Hugo Chavez, tells you just how close to the edge we have come.