Thursday Update for this blogs favorite (and only) model: Mady Rose.

 She has a boyfriend so she just might be moving away from a modeling career.  Time will tell.  She is 18 and keeps her clothes on (good news for an admiring gramp-pa),  

Go to the linked sites and "like" her pictures.  It helps in her effort to get recognized as a model. 

Madyson's instagram site
   with 2592 followers.  



Her primary photographer is Jon Lorentz, here.  This is her number one picture on that site,  a pic that puts her in the top ten of his models:  Her "likes" total for this particular picture is 5349.


Her number one picture on 
this blog is this picture with 
over 300 hits  . . .   actually, 
this is one of our highest rated
post for the month, political or