Surprise, surprise, Barack's second inauguration was the least watched inauguration in 36 years. Trump? Most watched inauguration in American hisotry.

When we count the 30 million reported by Neilsen and the 16 million reported by CNN,  we have 46 million folks watching this inauguration plus the 1.2 million on the Mall.  

Conclusion:  Trump was the most watched newly elected President in history.  

Democrats,  go ahead and pretend otherwise.  You didn't see the landslide election in 2014 coming because you refused to consider the numbers in 2012, Barack's second election.  He took in 3.5 million fewer votes in 2012 than in 2008 (Bush had 12 million more votes in 2004 than in 2000),  and Barack's 2nd inauguration  was the least watched in nearly 40 years.  

This was the most watched inauguration is history. That is a fact. Previous record was not Obama (he had the largest On-The-Mall crowd in history 1.8 million), but Reagan with 42 million folks watching the televised version, was the previous record.

Trump's numbers came in at 30 million, beating out all previous inaugurations including Obama poor showing in 2012 (a little over 20 million) going back to Reagan. and this does not count social media. Nor does it count CNN's streaming video watched by 16 million nor Fox's streaming video coverage, not yet reported. 12 Networks and CNN's streaming video totals,  gives us 46 million, along. Social media and Fox's streaming media will put the number watching this inauguration at well over 50 million.

You can go to for the source we will use going forward.