Obama giving farewell speech tonight. Me? I am watching a rerun of Alabama v Clemson and I am doing it on purpose.

As a candidate for the Presidency,  he went out of his way to make fun of  John McCain for defending "a plumber"  (Joe the plumber) and,  by 2010,  had decided to ignore the white blue collar worker,  thinking his new 21st century voting block was some sort of permanent election reality,  a reality he believed would keep the Marxist Dems  in power ad infinitum.  So much for "no more Blue states,  no more Red states."  

This strategy played no small role in the losing elections of 2010,  2014, and 2016.  And,  even in 2012,  his winning election lost 4.5 million votes when compared to the Obama victory of 2008.  

I care nothing for a man who cares nothing for me,  my philosophical inclinations and principles,  my faith as a Christian and the very foundations of this once great nation.  

You want to know why I opposed Barack from the beginning?  The reason is simple.  He had determined that this nations history,  traditions and principles had to be rewritten to such a degree as to be viewed as as fundamental transformation.  He failed in this effort and failed badly,  as is evidenced with the Trump victory and the dismantling of his (Obama's) outrageous "legacy."  

Go Clemson !!!