No surprise. An Obama/Schumer appointed judge has temporarily stopped legal immigration orders from the White House.

Ann Donnelly is her name. She was among Barack Hussein's first federal court appointments in 2009.  She is a committed New York liberal and obvious activist.  
Understand that what Trump is doing,  or attempting to accomplish,  is the reversal of decades of Marxist activism,  beginning back in the days of Joe McCarthy, an admitted drunk,  but a man who was on the right track in his charge against Commun-ism and its advancing influence in this country.  Commun-ism's advancement started with the ending of WW II and became a "popular" national effort in Hollywood by the end of the 1950's.   By the mid-1960's,  much of the Boomer generation was college bound and proudly Marxist.  The Vietnam War gave them a righteous cause,  and the rest is history  (as they say). 

No one wants the kind of conflict and radical in-your-face rebellion that is being threatened by the Democrat Party,  but if not now,  when?  That is the question of the day.  The use of violence has been a long held tool used by the New Progressive Party.  Trump and 73 million approving Americans stand in the gap,  proud to be "American,"  proud to wave the flag, proud to make the kind of change that allow for the pursuit of happiness for all of us.  

Violence is the name of the game for the Dems.  Hopefully,  we can keep the coming change a non-violent event,  but make no mistake,  there are millions within the Democrat Party willing to burn our cities,  kill our cops,  invade our country across our Southern Border, and ignore established Constitutional provision to get the kind of European commun-ist world they seem to adore.   They have been doing it since the 1960's.

Its white knuckle time,  and "they" are not the only ones willing to stand up and fight.   We must not lose heart in the pursuit of domestic/recovery.  Sadly,  it is time to fight fire with fire.  Just know that President Trump is not the beginning of the battle.  It began when conservatives walked away from GW Bush and the Progressives within the GOP,  back in 2006.  Things could not have appeared darker than with the elections in 2008.  But, just two years later (2010),  the seemingly unstoppable Progressive conspiracy suffered its first epic defeat,  lost 3.5 million of their 2008 domestic vote  majority in their victory in 2012,  was humiliated in 2014,  and,  now,  has experienced a transfer of political power beginning with 2016 and the evolution of a historic patriotic resurgence.  

Divide and conquer is the order of the day.  It is the agenda of the Left.  It must become the accepted and persistent agenda of the Right.