Let's deal with the lie that says, "Trump's popularity has fallen to 40%." What if I told you it was closer to 80%?

Let's deal with the lie that says,  "Trump's popularity has fallen to 40%."

Those numbers come from CNN and ABC News,  both sources intensely anti-Trump,  both networks interviewing only 23-24% of its composite population as GOP/conservatives.  

The percentage split in the 2016 election was 48/46 percent.  No need to guess as to actual turn out.  No need to suppose a 23%
GOP voting constituency for Trump,  when the actual number was 46% 

Clearly, increasing the participation percentage to 46% ,  would have a profound effect on his popularity equation.  I would argue that increasing the 23% number to 48% would increase Trump's popularity from 40% to 80% .  

Now you know why I am not worried in the slightest as to Trump's popularity.