I don't know about you all, but I am sick and tired of a Pope who only pretends to understand history.

Pope warns against populism and 'saviours' like Hitler

 For the record, the second Trump pulls off something that genuinely speaks of Hitler,  those who put him in office will move to take him out.  The hard working, forgotten men and women of the Rust Belt,  are not the ones who believe every conspiracy theory their leaders throw at them. Nope,  that is the plight of the Hollywood Elitists and the foul mouth Privileged Class that follows these Elitists from one lost cause to another.   If it comes from the Left,  these Parrots of the Midway,  believe anything and everything they are told to believe.  

 Sadly,  the current Pope,  a clear down grade from Pope John Paul,  has become a source for more brain-dead conspiracy theories and historically inept socialist/political solutions.   

 When folks bring up "Hitler,"  they insult all those who actually had to deal with that tyrant.  There is no one on the Right who would ever allow a leader,  especially one of their own"leaders," to become a "Hitler."  Why the hell do you think we,  the Right Wing,  are opposed to gun confiscation?    To stop anything similar to a Hitler from happening in this country.  We,  the working class of this country,  are the ones who fight to protect our liberties   . . . .   not the Left.  

When it comes to Trump,  all "we" care about is that he does what he pledged to do.  If he doesn't,  he is gone come 2020  . . . . . .   and The Builder absolutely knows this. 

The Dems did not give a rip whether Obama kept his promises as long as he continued to put down the white working class,  lift up Al Sharton,  and,  cop killing, rebels of the Black Resistance, and move us (our country) into the European Union.     

Now you know the truth. 


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