Hispanics happen to agree with Trump on border security.

Among the key findings of the Zogby Analytics exit poll:
  • 77.4 percent of Hispanic voters rated immigration as important or somewhat important in their voting decisions. That figure is substantially less than the 84.6 percent of all voters who said it was important or somewhat important, and a full ten percentage points less than the 87.8 percent of white voters who rated immigration as important or somewhat important.
  • 58.5 percent of Hispanic voters said they “support Donald Trump’s immigration policies,” including many who said they do not like him as a person. Conversely, only 32.9 percent of Hispanic voters said they “support Hillary Clinton’s immigration policies,” even though a much greater percentage liked her as a person. Among all voters, 54.7 percent supported Trump’s immigration policies compared with 38.4 percent who supported Clinton’s.
  • 36.3 percent of Hispanic voters believe current immigration enforcement is too lax, double the number, 18.3 percent, who say it is too strict, and more than ten percentage points higher than those who think it is about right, 25.5 percent. ________________________________
     Source:   http://www.fairus.org/news/exit-polling-data-refutes-claims-that-hispanic-voters-punish-candidates-who-support-immigration-enfo