CNN and the others, well, they are no longer part of the political equation. Pay back really is a bitch, isn't it.

On top of it all,  no one cares.  You had your secret meetings with Barack,  your planning sessions,  your phony news surveys and your growing collection of conspiracy theories.  Remember the good old days when you all pretended to being more intelligent than to manufacture and believe in your conspiracy theories?  What changed your world?  I  know:  Allowing the Internet to grow,  to become a source of information and political gamesmanship that gave a voice to the vast and overwhelming "silent majority,"  millions and millions of folks without a voice.  Make fun of Rush Limbaugh all you want,  there is no more significant figure in the political world that Limbaugh. And those are opposed to Rush,  are those who do not listen to him and his broadcast. Incredible. Does anyone out there is LaLa Land not see just how silly that sounds?