A Summary of Trump's first week in office, making Obama look like the novice he was and is.

President Trump’s first week was a busy one,  perhaps the busiest in modern, post WW II history.  It was not the number of actions taken by Trump this week,  but the kinds of actions that made this week as big a week as any of previous presidents;  four executive orders and eight memorandums.  The four executive orders did the following: 
  • Beginning the process of overturning the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare;
  • Expediting environmental reviews and approvals for high-profile infrastructure projects;
  • Border Wall:  Start work on the planning and eventual construction of a 1,900-mile long wall at the southern border with Mexico; add 5,000 new border protection officers;
  • Address additional immigration issues, including the elimination of federal funds for "sanctuary cities" which refuse to hand over or detain undocumented immigrants. 
  • Ordering  calls for hiring of 10,000 additional immigration officers.
  • Launch a review of military assets to determine equipment and training upgrades, address future threats.
  • Allow for increased vetting of refugees from seven predominately Muslim countries.
  • Temporary (90 days) end to immigrants coming from Somalia, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Ywemen and the Sudan. 
In addition to the four executive orders,  he signed 8 memorandums setting in motion the following: 
  • Rolling back federal regulations put in place by the Obama administration;
  • Restricting US funding for international organizations that provide abortion services
  • Withdrawing the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership
  • Instituted a hiring free for most federal positions
  • Stipulated that new pipeline construction should be made using American-produced materials
  • Clears way for restarting construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline
  • Restarts process of work on the Dakota Access Pipeline
  • Streamlines permitting and reducing regulatory burdens for domestic manufacturers
He also pledged to take down 75% of all federal regulations and reduce the size of the EPA by 50%.  

Understand that Reid's Senate was the least productive in American history.  He held in his desk,  more than 340 bills sent to the Senate from the House.  These legislative actions had passed the House.  Reid chose to not put them into committee,  effectively killing most of the House's legislation without ever seeing a Senate floor discussion. 

The bad news for Obama's "legacy" is the fact that 80% of his so-called "accomplishments" or legacy,  was not the product of legislation.  Trump,  for the most part,  can take down these "legacy items" with the stroke of the pin,  and do so legally.   
Source: :   http://www.al.com/news/index.ssf/2017/01/who_signed_more_executive_orde.html   and Midknight Review research