Why did Hillary lose Michigan? In a word, arrogance.

Yes, they are still counting votes in Michigan  . . . . .   looks like Hillary will lose that state by 12,000 votes.  A week after the election,  I dare say "after a black swan election,"  she lost the state to Trump because she thought the state was a "lock" for her campaign   . . . . .   and this conclusion comes to us per members of her own staff.  In fact,  near the end,  staffers were desperately urging her to recommit to the Michigan vote.  She did not.  

Her campaign was so out of touch, that campaign volunteers were sent to a trailer park only to find that the park had burned down months ago.  Her canvassing operations were a 12th the size of John Kerry's.  Until two weeks prior to November 8,  Hillary still believed that her election would be more a coronation than a victory march.  

She was in the race of her life,  and in the last seconds,  that danged old turtle crossed the line before her.  Understand this: that was not just another election; it was the end of her life in politics and the $750,000 speech fee.  

Now you know.


  1. 12,000 angry whites in MI, 25,000 in WI, and 50,000 in PA. The leadership of America has been given to a con man by less than 100,000 angry racist uneducated whites.

    Compare with Clinton's 1.1 MILLLION vote lead.

    The con man just bought himself off a fraud charge for $25 million. Art of the Deal. Commit fraud, screw people, avoid conviction with money. That's your man.

  2. And, still, nothing compares to the con job of the last eight years, a wannabee Muslim and secular existentialist, pretending to being a Christian, setting the Middle East on fire, making deals with the enemy (Iran), trying desperately to get in the good graces of Putin (the Russian resent and tell Putin I will be more flexible), the comprehensive lie that is ObamaCare, His cowrdly desertion of the Benghazi Four, overseeing the deaths of 32 Navy Seals, his support for domestic anarchy and cop killings, and his smart-ass persona. Trump will not only be an improvement, but he is about to show the democrats how to actually run a country. 1.3% GPD is about to turn into a 3 and 4 percent roaring economy. A country that has watched itself become the laughing stock of a world of enemies is about to reclaim his distinct leadership in the world, and the domestic anary that has ruled our inner cities is about to end, and the Obama legacy (Dodd/Frank and ObamaCare) is about to be rewritten and/or exterminated. Think about it, the Progressive Democrat Party is at its weakest, nationwide, since freaking Reconstruction, 150 years ago !!! And that is the judgment of your own party members. The GOP is the premier political party of the United States, and your party, is about to install a radicalized, angry, black Muslim who worships Louis Farrakhan, as its chairman.