Why the "struggle to explain" Trump's plans for deportation:

Jose A. DelReal / Washington Post:
Trump advisers and allies struggle with deportation specifics  —  Several of Donald Trump's top campaign advisers and allies on Sunday struggled to explain the GOP presidential nominee's stance on mass deportation — insisting that he will prioritize undocumented criminals for deportation … 
Editor's note:  The only reason for a "struggle to explain" is found in the fact that no one is looking to existing law regarding illegal immigration.  Trump is going to follow existing law.  The present Administration does not believe in the value and force of "existing law."  Rather, it believes it has to agree with said law before it will bother to enforce that law.  In other words,  the present Administration is lawless,  and in this lawlessness,  is the real confusion as to what to do with illegals.  
We already have a comprehensive immigration systems.  Its on the books and nearly 1 million folks per year,  enter the system and come out as citizens.  In other words,  the current comprehensive system works.  
Now you know.