The world is laughing at our president and he, apparently, does not care.

CNN: White House cancels Obama meeting with Philippines leader  —  (CNN)The White House on Monday canceled President Obama's upcoming meeting with Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte.  —  This comes after Duterte lashed out at Obama for wading into the issue of the Philippines' leader's controversial policy toward drug dealer

Obama tries to meddle in the affairs of the Philippines and its execution policy for all drug dealers.  He is quickly called a "Son of a bitch."  

Of course,  Barack,  being the coward that he is,  decided to cancel his trip to that country,  one of our strongest allies in the region.  

Putin tells Obama "no" in a discussion about the humanitarian needs of the Syrians.  China,  upon Barack's arrival for the nothing-burger G-20,  refused to role out the red carpet or even bring out a step platform to Obama's plane,  forcing our fearless leader to use the back exit of the plane and the steps at that exist.  While at the G-20,  N Korea fires off 3 missiles within 600 miles of the G-20 meeting. 

All and all,  we now know what that part of the world thinks of Barack.  When you "lead from behind,"  you get left behind.  

You European Socialists must be soooo  proud.