Vote to reform Obama Care. The system IS failing.

John Merline / Investor's Business Daily:
ObamaCare Is Failing Exactly The Way Critics Said It Would  —  Aetna's decision to abandon its ObamaCare expansion plans and rethink its participation altogether came as a surprise to many.  It shouldn't have.  Everything that's happened now was predicted by the law's critics years ago  . . . . .  the Heritage Foundation, [a conservative think tank] predicted that under ObamaCare, "many under age 35 will opt out of buying insurance altogether, choosing to pay the penalty instead." That's just what has happened. 

Critics predicted sharp hikes in premiums and big increases in medical claims. That's what's happened.

Critics said people would game the system, waiting until they got sick to buy insurance, then canceling it once the bills were paid, because of the law's "guaranteed issue" mandate. That's happening, too.

Critics said insurers would abandon ObamaCare amid substantial losses. Anyone want to dispute that this is happening?

"The subsidies and mandates," it concluded, "are not sufficient to drive high participation of younger, healthier members."