CNN reported a 6 point bump for Trump. We wait for the CNN post DNC poll for an apples to apples comparison.

So far,  so good for Trump.  How he handles the coming criticism (read: "character assassination") from the Marxist Media is critical to how he will do in November.  Personally,  I do not believe he will comport himself well.  Time will tell.  

This is my last political vote.  

One take away from the past eight years is the total failure of our political system,  a system built on lies and big money.  I knew of these issues,  of course,  but had no idea as to how overwhelming these matters are.  And I am talking about both parties.  

We are going to hear promise after promise,  then,  following the election,  the winner will do whatever pleases him/her without regard to the will of the people.  That is the M.O. of the Democrats,  but,  we now know that the GOP functions with the same disregard.  They can all go to hell as far as I am concerned.