Someone asked me, "So, who is Larry Wilmore?" To which I answered, "Exactly."

Sonia Saraiya / Salon: “Donald Trump is a dangerous individual”: Larry Wilmore opens up to Salon about what's funny … 

Another meaningless headline taking up space but accomplishing absolutely nothing.  Why am I reporting on this?  Well,  actually,  I am not.  

Here is a related lede: Washington Post:20 minutes ago
The complete transcript of Larry Wilmore's 2016 White House correspondents' dinner speech … Thank you, thank you very much.  Thank you, thanks for keeping that applause going all the way, too, I appreciate that.  —  Well, welcome to “Negro Night” here at the Washington Hilton …

Again,  I do not report as "news,"  the comprehensive thoughts of those who see everything political through the looking glass of race.  I don't nor do my friends.  I expect the same from you.