How is it that our economy is "booming" when these question are never addressed?

So,  how come when Obama brags about his economy,  that he "saved the world from recession"  (he actually said that)  he never mentions these related facts:    that while 160,000 folks went back to work, last month,  362,000 gave up looking for work and dropped out of the workforce altogether?  How come he never mentions that his "5%" unemployment rate has 7-9 million more people out of work than GW Bush's "5%" rate?  How come he never mentions his 1.3 average GDP rate?  Not important?  What about the workforce participtation rate?  It fell below 63%.  It was 66% during the Bush 43 years which represented 7 million or more folks participating in the workforce.  How come he never brags about increasing the population stuck in poverty or the near-doubling of the food stamp population?  Even more importantly,  how comes he never admits to being stupid?