Bernie Sanders is a window into the silliness of the New Left (Obama/Hillary and Company) .

The Hill:   Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders called for a more liberal version of Fox News to help fix the problems he sees in corporate media.
“I think we have got to think about way that the Democratic party for a start starts funding the equivalent of Fox television,” he said in an interview that aired Friday on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show.”

Editor's notes:  Funny.  Sanders calls for a liberal news agency to mirror Fox News   . . . . .   and he makes this call on MSNBC.   Anyone see the problem?  

And libs do this sort of thing (present failed ideas as answers for our future) time and time again.  Understand that it takes CNN,  HLN, and MSNBC combined, to come close to matching the ratings of FoxNews.  Why Bernie thinks a fourth network will fare any differently is beyond me.  

Ditto national health care and paid college.  They have these things,  in Europe.  And the American Left brags about these accomplishments.  Libs fail to tell you, however,  that Europe . . . . . .  because of such expenses  . . . . . .  cannot afford an effective military or full and full-time employment.  They also refuse to believe that the United States military is the only reality that keeps the evil empires of the world, in check.  

Time for their influence to implode   . . . . .  before their One World,  romantic and idealistic ideas get us all killed.