Trump breaks with hard Right doctrine and allows for transgeneder use of bathrooms.

Donald Trump is a progressive on transgender issues ... saying the trans community is welcome to use any bathroom in his slew of buildings.
Donald was on "Today" when Matt posed the question ... if Caitlyn walked into the Trump Tower, what bathroom could she use?
Trump not only opened the bathroom door, he went the extra mile, saying it would be discriminatory to create a bathroom specifically for the trans community. 
Editor's notes:   Christians need to admit that the United States is a secular nation with Judaeo/Christian values, not the other way around.  Trump,  in my opinion,  is correct in his decision not to fight over the transgenders' use of public restrooms.  
And why would a man want a tranny woman in a man's bathroom,  anyway?  Speaking for myself,  I just do not want to attend a "stand up" next to a man wearing a dress.  So lets not fight over this,  and, how often is this going to happen, anyway?