Paul Ryan, my choice for president someday, will announce EMPHATICALLY that he is not a presidential candidate . . . today during the noon hour (e.t.)

Paul Ryan,  my choice for president someday,  will announce EMPHATICALLY that he is not a presidential candidate  . . .  today during the noon hour (e.t.). 

And, "no,"  his refusal to be the House Speaker is not the same.  Choosing the Speaker position is a political/congressional function to the exclusion of the voting public.     Choosing a presidential candidate is a function of party politics and the primary process.  Now,  while he could be drafted to run,  no one in the GOP is going to push that draft.  If that happened,  the Party would lose most of the voters in the Trump/Cruz cabal, making a successful run for the presidency utterly impossible.  

Know this, however:  GOP leadership will destroy the party in its effort to maintain control of party politics.  They have proven this in the very recent past,  and they are fully capable of continuing that effort.  

Least we forget, the Democrat Party has allowed itself to be over-run with a communist inspired Progressivism that is markedly different from the progressivism of FDR.   And they made this godless. anti-military,  P.C. transition without a whimper.