In a surprise decision, the CIA has made a decision to benefit those killed in Benghazi.

Editor's notes:  Obama is doing what he can to smooth the transition into power for Hillary,  increasing his military effort versus ISIS and giving extended benefits (as in "cash settlements") to the surviving families of those murdered in Benghazi back in 2012.  Apparently, the family of Glen Doherty will be the first to receive these extended/sizable benefits.  Never ever forget that the Benghazi Seals (Woods and Doherty) were killed 5 to 7 hours after their Commander had written them off and gone to bed.  There is no single event that speaks to the lack of character and conscience on the part of both Hillary and (especially Barack) than this incidence.  Our national leadership functions above the law,  but the reality of Benghazi remains the same    . . . . . .    the filth of political compromise traded for the sake of a coming election and the political well being of our political class.
Daily Mail:
The CIA is expanding survivor benefits for agency employees and contractors killed in the line of duty overseas in acts of terrorism.
The change is retroactive to 1983 and was applauded Wednesday by Barbara Doherty, the mother of Glen Doherty, a CIA operative killed in the 2012 attack on a U.S. diplomatic facility in Libya.
The CIA has agreed to pay a death benefit even though the family was not entitled under a standard federal insurance policy Glen Doherty held that pays a survivor benefit only to spouses and dependents  . . . . . .  

The CIA said in a statement that the expanded benefit reflects a statutory change enacted last December and applies to survivors of all federal employees, including contractors, killed overseas in the line of duty and as a result of terrorism. 
It is retroactive to April 18, 1983, the date a suicide attacker crashed a truck into the front of the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, killing 63 people, including 17 Americans, some of whom were CIA officers. 
Tyrone Woods, a fellow CIA contractor and former SEAL who was killed alongside Doherty in Benghazi, had a wife and child.