Exit polling for the GOP : Big surprise if you think Trump is the least popular GOP candidate.

Negative female vote against Trump is 66%, down from 72% and moving in the right direction.

Those believing the GOP candidate can bring real change:  Trump wins this with 71%, Cruz comes in a very distant 2nd with 15% and only 14% believe Kasich can bring significant change.

Anti-Establishment feelings are high within the GOP:   60% of Republicans feel "betrayed" by politicians and "betrayed" was the word used in the exit polling.

Most important issues to Republican voters: 

Economy/jabs   39%
Government spending   24%
Terrorism      24%
Immigration  10%

Worried about the economy: 

Very worried  57%
Somewhat       37%
Not too worried    5%

Who is best equipped to deal with the economy: 

Trump     83%
Cruz        12%
Kasich       4%

Which candidate scares the Northeast Republican ? 

Cruz     58%
Kasich  51%
Trump  36%

GOP women for Trump:

Pennsylvania   55%
Connecticut    54%
Maryland         47%