Apparently Kasich was never serious about running as a "Republican."

Cassie Spodak / CNN:
Kasich: People are ‘probably’ born gay  —  San Francisco (CNN)John Kasich told an audience here Friday that some people are “probably” born gay after being pressed on the issue by an audience member who said he was gay.  —  San Francisco resident Kelly Bryan, 62, asked Kasich the question … 
Editor's notes:   As is the case with all general statements except this one,  such conclusions,  painted with a broad brush, miss the mark.  The Left loves to take a single anecdotal example and make it "the norm."  And this is a perfect example.  
Indeed,  there are those who are "turned on" by the same sex and simply are not sexually "turned on" by the opposite sex.  Timne for Conservatives to admit this.   
Last time I researched this,  that percentage  (those who are gay from the start) is around 4% of the population.   But serious estimates have the gay population at between 8 and 10 percent of the population, about the same percentage of folks who still bathe in a large galvanized tub,  or , who brush their teeth three times a week.  So, what about the remaining 4 to 6 percent?  Well,  they are either experimenting  (college kids do this more than any other segment of the population), or,  have long prison terms.  Understand that these two categories make up the bulk of the gay population,  when,  in fact, only 4% are committed to gay life-styles.  

Clearly,  Kasich does not know what he is talking about.  He could have said so,  but he preferred to give an uninformed answer to actually speaking out of a position of knowledge.  Typical politician.