17 of the 19 9/11 terrorists killers were Saudi's and Saudi Arabia proposes to threaten the U.S. Congresws. Did I get that right?

(CNN)  Saudi Arabia is warning it will sell off billions in American assets if the U.S. Congress passes a bipartisan bill that would allow victims of 9/11 and other terrorist attacks to sue foreign governments.
Saudi foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir issued the warning to U.S. lawmakers last month during a visit to Washington, two senior State Department officials told CNN. A source with knowledge of the Saudis' thinking said investments would be put in jeopardy if this bill passes, so they are trying to protect themselves from risk   . . . . .   The Obama administration has, in turn, applied heavy pressure on Congress to block the bill. Top officials from the State Department and Pentagon warned Senate Armed Services Committee staffers last month that the bill could bring economic risks to the U.S.
Editor's notes:   It is this sort of thing that makes for a historic 2016 election cycle and America is tired of his crap leadership.  

Obama in his attempt to fundamentally transform America is the most unpopular president in history, per Gallup,  when considering his eight year approval averages and his per issue(s) approval rating.  No one has dared to rule with such disregard for the will of the people  . . . .  not even close.  This is another example of his unpopular but self-centered agenda as the stranger in our White House.  

What is hilarious is his reason for opposing this bi-partisan bill,  namely,  that it may bring economic hardship to this country.  He simply does not care about the economic impact as he proceeds in the destruction of the coal industry and the exceedingly hard times this promises to bring the middle class American citizen living in the northeast region of our country.  He absolutely does not care about the impact of his punitive regulations  (27,000 of them to date) upon small business.  Turns out that more small businesses have failed during his time than anytime in history.  This is part of the reason this country has an 7 year GDP average of 1.7  (some accountants have that number as low as1.4 percent).  He does not care about the 400,000 dead Middle Easterners who have been murdered by ISIS, nor,  the 11 million homeless refugees because of his delay in defeating the Islamic Pigs who are ISIS. 
The fact of the matter,  the demonstrable fact of the matter,  is that Obama is a huge fan of Islam and has done everything in his power as president, to insure its insane growth as a regressive religious force in this world.  
Look,  Bush did no one any favors in ignoring the Saudi coefficient in the 9/11 attacks,  but, at least,  he took the battle to the terrorists,  while his successor lost the peace in Iraq, lost the war in Afghanistan  (his war, btw),  and has sat around, watching, while ISIS has metastasized into a threat with 60,000 Middle East/African  fighters,  safe havens in Yemen, Syria, and Libya,  and a threatening physical presence in 120 nations in this world.     
My point?  When weighing his desires against the economic health of this country and the untold destruction of life outside our borders,  Barack Hussein simply does not care.  He is right no matter how many die,  lose their businesses or cannot pay their bills because of his idiotic and failed governance.  And the beat goes on and on and on with this impostor of a leader.