"Uncle Tom" is a racist term used by the Left. And that is exactly where the Lrftist Media finds itself . . . in the camp of the Sourthern Racists.

Joe Concha / Mediaite:
Burden of Truth Back on Media as BuzzFeed Finds Confirmation from Carson's Mom on Stabbing Incident

Editor's notes:  Understand that domestic racism in the United States of America,  was fostered and given it's continuing curse by Southern Democrats to the exclusion of the Republican party.  

We all must deal with this problem,  but those who fostered the problem have succeeded in dividing the black community it abused,  and continues it vile,  racist verbal attacks.  Every black who rises to a position of prominence and is not a declared member of the Democrat Party,  is demonized,  insulted and marginalized.  

Time for a change.