Simple question but more important than you may think: Why is GITMO the cause of Jihadist anger?

Our headline is a straight-forward,  even simple,   question but more important than you may think:  Why is GITMO the cause of Jihadist anger?  

Answer:  because we have sent Islamic terrorist to that site.  
Why is this important?  Because,  Obama is about to send the remaining population in GITMO to (perhaps) three locations in the States.  
And you say,  "So what?"  
Here is the point:  If GITMO is a plague to our country because we house terrorist there,  why will that not be true when we move them into the United States?  
In addition to a prison in South Carolina and one in Kansas,  a third location being considered is one in Florence,  Colorado.  So,  again,  why will the terrorist be friendly to moving their terrorist buds to state located institutions?  
Answer:  there is no logical answer to this question.  What we have here,  is another illustration of the silliness of Liberal ideas.  When it comes to politics,  these folks border on mental illness   . . . . .   period. 
No wonder folks oppose this move.  It means that the Jihadist will turn their anger against the communities in which these prisons exists.  I mean,  we all know "they" are here,  in our country.  So how do we prevent their local attacks on our prisons?