Our President versus the President of France:

Our President refuses to utter "Islamic Radicals" or any variation of that term;  he refuses to admit that we are at war with ISIS;  he refuses to allow our Airforce to bomb within  the city limits of Raqqa  ("Raw-ka") in norther Iraq  (guess where ISIS holds its offices and strategy centers);  he refuses to intensify our attacks against the enemy,  flying only 7 effective strikes,  daily   . . . .    kind of a joke of an air campaign when you know that during the Kuwaiti invasion/war,  we were flying 800 effective sorties per day.  

He just held a ridiculous and combative press conference,  in France,  at the same time President Hollande of France,  was holding a meeting with France's political body,  declaring that "we are at war with ISIS," and reporting a police attack against 168 domestic/ISIS locations within France,  arresting more than 100 suspected terrorist.

Sad.  ISIS is at war with the US.  ISIS is at war with France  (and all of Europe).  And France recognizes it is at war with ISIS   . . . . . . .   but,  the U.S.  is not at war with anyone.