Hillary will testify on Benghazi this Thursday. Here are a few issues still unresolved:

Before continuing with this brief,  know this:  Hillary claims to have answered all pertinent questions on Benghazi but has to take Monday - Wednesday "off"  to prepare for her testimony.   

The Red Cross Headquarters were closed,  days JUST before the assault on our embassy.

The British Embassy was, also, closed in the days JUST before the aatacks on our embassy

Prior to the 9/11 assault,  there were two physical attacks on the embassy,  the second of which blew a hole through an embassy wall big enough to allow 20 men to pass through.

Desperate requests for more security made by Ambassador Stevens including a third request for 13 more armed agents.

While all this was going on,  Obama was chanting the idiot's refrain,  "Al Qaeda is dead and GM is alive."

No one has ever answered the question,  "Where was Obama during the final 7 hours of the assault?" We know he was not in the "war room,"  nor,  in the Oval Office. because of testimony already in the books.    Of course,  most of us do know were he was   . . . . .   in bed and asleep,  resting up for his campaign appearance the following morning  (Sept 12, 2012).