Question no one will ask Hillary:? Does she subscribe to the same denial of reality as that of B Obama

The White House stressed Thursday that it does not view increasing military conflicts with Russia as a new Cold War, despite a new provocation involving Russian aircraft buzzing a U.S. ship.  (see the full story, here). 
Editor's notes:  Add in Crimea, Putin's alliances with Iran and Syria,  the increasing military challenge he is to NATO,  his efforts to work with China in moving away from the Dollar as THE international currency,  and you have a denial of reality, on the part of B. Obama,  that rivals definitions for mental illness.  

And,  still,  no one in the mainstream Marxist media has asked Obama why he promised "more flexibility" with Putin after the 2012 elections.  And some still believe that Obama is a friend of the United States of America.  Good grief.  

Question(s):  Does Hillary support Obama's promised flexibility; will her Administration,  should she be elected after indictment by the FBI,  reflect that flexibility;  will she continue to deny that Putin is no friend of the United States;  will she continue the anti-Semitic policies of Hussein Obama?