Just to be clear: Palestinian terror groups started this latest round of violence.

 Editor's notes:  The following lede comes from the Jerusalem Post as it documents the violence initiated by Palestinian youth beginning this past week.  While Obama pretends to believe that both sides of the problem are equally complicit,  the facts of the matter prove otherwise.  I personally doubt that any increase in violence is the fault of Israeli aggression against the Palestinians living within it's borders.  Of course,  I am aware that "settlements built in the West Bank" are a contributing factor,  but these circumstances are not cause for stabbings,  beheadings,  and the never-ending pursuit that calls for the extermination of the Jews from the Middle East. 

from the Jerusalem Post:     "If the terrorist attacks continue, we will begin deporting the families of terrorists to the Gaza Strip," Channel 10 TV quoted a senior Israeli defense official as saying on Friday.

The remarks came against the backdrop of a noted decrease in the number of acts of violence in the West Bank, Gaza, and Israel proper on Friday.

While security officials are pleased at the initial signs of a waning uprising, intelligence experts cannot say for certain when this latest wave of Palestinian violence will end.

Israel's political establishment, however, is mulling additional punitive measures against the families of Palestinian assailants in the event that more acts of violence are perpetrated against Jewish civilians and security personnel.